Tano secondary generated evergreen broadleaved forest site


Tano Forest Science Station, Field Science Center, University of Miyazaki

Research Theme

Understanding forest dynamics and mechanisms of material cycles in warm-temperate evergreen broad-leaved secondary forest

Site Outline

Tha site is located in a warm temperate, secondary regenerated evergreen broad-leaved forest of southern Japan. The site contains 0.7 ha small watershed and 1 ha tree census plot. Altitude is 140 m – 180m. N 31o 51′ 70″,E 131o 18′ 10″.


  • Address : Tano Forest Science Station, University of Miyazaki, 11300 Otsu, Tano, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki 889-1702, Japan
  • Name : Masahiro Takagi
  • Phone : 0985-86-0036
  • Fax : 0985-86-2551
  • E-mail : mtakagi@cc.miyazaki-u.ac.jp

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