Project Regulations

Project Regulations

JaLTER shares the information of research projects carried out in each of the JaLTER sites, and performs actively the networking actions. JaLTER project is divided into the following types in terms of because of difference of the content, obligation to register the data into the database, and publicity. This division doesn’t restrict research activities and thematic choice on the JaLTER sites.

I. Types of Projects

(1) JaLTER Endorsed Project

JaLTER Endorsed Project is a leading project, funded by funding agencies, to feature the JaLTER Network. The project consists of comparative or multi-disciplinary researches based on the JaLTER Network. The JaLTER sites actively help the project. The project shall register metadata and data of their researches into the JaLTER database; metadata at the end of the project, and data within one year from the end. JaLTER publicizes the project preferentially as an activity of JaLTER via its pamphlets or website. JaLTER promotes describing such the following statement in the acknowledge section of the article relating to the project:
This study was conducted as a part of JaLTER endorsed project (No. xxxxx).

(2)   JaLTER Related Project

JaLTER Related Project is described on the JaLTER Annual Report by the principal investigator as one of activities on the site, including personal researched. JaLTER publicizes the project as an activity of JaLTER via its pamphlets or website.

II. Endorsement protocol

JaLTER Endorsed Project shall be offered to the JaLTER secretariat after the predefined form. JaLTER Executive Group inspects the offer and approves the projest as JaLTER Endorsed Project. JaLTER Executive Group shall report the inspection to JaLTER Representative Committee. JaLTER Related Project is not required any offer nor inspection, although the project needs to be described on the JaLTER Annual Report. When new research plan is adopted by funders, the principal investigator shall report it to the JaLTER secretariat.