Vision, Mission and Goals

The vision of the JaLTER is to provide scientific knowledge which contributes to conservation, advancement and sustainability of environment, ecosystem services, productivity and biodiversity for a society by conducting long-term and interdisciplinary research in ecological science including human dimensions. The JaLTER is closely linked with the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network (ILTER Network).

The mission of the JaLTER is to provide appropriate scientific information and predictive understanding of ecological processes for scientific community, policy makers and general societies through long-term ecological research in Japan.

The goals of the JaLTER is (i) to create general knowledge based on multidisciplinary long-term and large-scale research, (ii) to create well-designed database to exchange and share original data to support scientific communities, general public people and policy makers, and to find better solutions for critical ecological and environmental problems, (iii) to promote education regarding long-term and large-scale changes of ecosystem and environment, and (iv) to facilitate collaboration and coordination among scientists of long-term ecological researches.

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