LTER Plot of Tamakyuryo


Field Museum Tamakyuryo

Research Theme

Monitoring to the ecosystem and the chemical environment , and the interaction of them on the Tama hills: To keep watch on the temporal/spatial change in the ecosystem and the chemical environments (air, soil, water quality, etc.) , and to understand the interaction of each elements in the environments by monitoring the ecosystem and the chemical environmant, in order to clarify the mechanism and predict the future.

Site Outline

The site is located in an experimental field in the suburbs of Tokyo Metropolitan, Hachioji-city. The experimental field is an area of 12.6 ha characterized by broad leaf trees.


  • Address : Horinouchi, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0355, Japan
  • Name : Kazuhide Matsuda
  • Phone : 0426-36-9933
  • Fax : 0426-36-9933
  • E-mail : fmtamakyuryo@gmail.com

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