Sesoko Island Area


Sesoko Station, Tropical Biosphere Research Center, University of the Ryukyus

Research Theme

Long-term, large-scale variations of communities on coral reef ecosystems and functions of the ecosystems. Interactions between a terrestrial area and a coral reef area.

Site Outline

Sesoko Island is located at west coast of northern Okinawa Island, Japan. Coral reefs develop well around Sesoko Island. There are various coral reef environments from protected, or sheltered, reefs including near river mouths to exposed, or open, reefs in the area near Sesoko Island. Biodiversity of coral reef organisms is high within the area. Mortality of hard and soft corals was more than 80% by bleaching during summer of 1998, coral communities had recovered well on a few reefs around Sesoko Island. Sea grass bed develops well on sand-rubble bottom at near shore zone in moat of Bise which is located 5 km north of Sesoko Island. Run-off of soil occurs from agricultural field after heavy rainfall at two rivers which are located within 3 km from Sesoko Island. Coastal fishery that catches wild fish is not very active, but there is tuna fish farm on sea 2 km apart from Sesoko Island to northeast direction. Sea temprature is ranged from 20 to 30℃.


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