Kominato Marine Laboratory


Kominato Marine Laboratory, Marine Biosystems Research Center, Chiba University

Research Theme

Biodiversity of the population and the pattern of the variation in the ecosystem function on the marine organisms in warm temperate coast

Site Outline

This site is located at southern part of Boso Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture, central Honshu (35o 7′ 14″, 140o 11′ 3″). The dominant landscape consists of rocky intertidal and subtidal habitats. Locating along the main axis of Kuroshio, the coastal community of this site is representative for temperate coastal area of Northwestern Pacific, dominated by sargassum and kelp bed at subtidal, and by some algae (Hizikia fusiformis and Ishige okamurae) and invertebrates (Patelloida saccharina and Tetraclita squamosa). The rocky coast of this site (ca. 500m coastaline, covering ca. 5 ha area) has been registered for marine protected area for scientific research, which is not found in other areas of Japan.


  • Address : Chiba University Graduate School of Science and Technology, 1-33 Yayoi-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 263-8522, Japan
  • Name : Masahiro Nakaoka
  • Phone : 043-290-3929
  • Fax : 043-290-3929
  • E-mail : nakaoka@faculty.chiba-u.jp

WWW site URL

Japanese : http://www-es.s.chiba-u.ac.jp/kominato/

English : http://www-es.s.chiba-u.ac.jp/kominato/index_eng.html