Kiso basin

Kiso basin research site


Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University

Research Theme

1. Monitoring of long-term dynamics on river regime and water quality according to global climate chage, river improvement, and population increase. 2. Investigation into process of long-term variation on biological community in the river according to change in phygical and chemical structures of river ecosystem.

Site Outline

The research site is located in the middle stream of Kiso River whose length reaches 229km with its basin area of 5,275km2, consisting of stream and riparian forest ecosystems.


  • Address : Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University, 509-3, 2-chome, Hirano, Otsu, Shiga, 520-2113, Japan
  • Name : Shin’ichi Nakano
  • Phone : 077-549-8239
  • Fax : 077-549-8201
  • E-mail :

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