Kawatabi special research area of the Japanese IBP


Research group on grassland dynamics in Japan

Research Theme

To Obtain the basic data to understand the mechanism of the succession and to conserve the grassland, by the long-term monitoring of the vegetation and the biomass on the grassland that was proccessed with 3 levels( no-treatment, mowing, pasturing).

Site Outline

38o45′ N, 140o45′ E, 12ha, Miscanthus-type grassland


  • Address : Integrated Terrestrial Field Station, Field Science Center, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tohoku University, 232-3 Yomogida, Naruko-onsen, Osaki, Miyagi, 989-6711 Japan
  • Name : Shin’ichiro Ogura
  • Phone : 0229-84-7378
  • Fax : 0229-84-7380
  • E-mail : shin-ichiro.ogura.e1@tohoku.ac.jp