Yamagata University, Faculti of Agriculture, Kaminagawa Research Forest


Yamagata University, Faculti of Agriculture, Field Science Center, Watershed Preservation Unit

Research Theme

  • Atmosphere-forest-soil interactions in forest ecosystem indigenous to a region of heavy snows on the coast of the Sea of Japan.
  • Slash and Burn Cultibation study
  • Influence of environmental factors for variations of water badget and evapotranspiration in a forest ecosystem

Site Outline

Kaminagawa Research Forest is located in steep, heavy snowfall area which is a part of Asahi mountainous region. Total forested area is 753ha, and 80% of the area is covered the natural deciduous broadleaved forest dominated by beech.


  • Address : Wakaba-machi 1-23, Tsuruoka-shi, Yamagata 997-8555, JAPAN
  • Name : Lopez C. M. Larry
  • Phone : 0235-28-2961(office), 0235-53-2755(lodge)
  • Fax : 0235-28-2963
  • E-mail : larry@tds1.tr.yamagata-u.ac.jp

WWW site URL

Japanese : http://www.tr.yamagata-u.ac.jp/~fschp/ryuuiki_top.htm