Chichibu cool temperate deciduous broad-leaved natural forest


University Forests, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Research Theme

A main research objective is an investigation of forest dynamics on a mountainous natual forest on the Pacific Ocean side. For this objective, informations of the individuals in dynamic processes (such as generating gaps by natural disturbance or regenerating canopy) were collected. In addition, the following studies are conducted: Animal ecology, Landscape planning, Conservation of forest ecosystem, Application of the multi-media information technology to LTER.

Site Outline

28ro1 29ro1, University Forest in Chichibu,The Tokyo Universiry Forests, Chichibu-city Saitama prefecture Japan. Latitude 35゚56′, Longitude 138゚48′, Elevation 1,132-1,314m, Size 16.5ha (6.875ha). Cool temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest / Fagus forest (Fagus crenata, Fagus japonica and Tsuga sieboldii)


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