Welcome to the JaLTER Official Website!

JaLTER, Japan Long Term Ecological Research Network, is a local network of ecological monitoring sites for facillitating long-term ecological studies.

What is JaLTER?

JaLTER (Japan Long-Term Ecological Research Network) was established in November 2006 to provide scientific knowledge which contributes to conservation, advancement and sustainability of environment, ecosystem services, productivity and biodiversity for a society by conducting long-term and interdisciplinary research in ecological science including human dimensions.
JaLTER is a formal member network of the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network (ILTER Network, https://www.ilter.network/), and also contributing its East Asia and Pacific Regional Network (ILTER-EAP).

JaLTER’s goals
• Creation of general knowledge based on multidisciplinary long-term and large-scale research
• Creation of well-designed database to exchange and share original data to support scientific communities, general public people and policy makers, and to find better solutions for critical ecological and environmental problems
• Promotion of education regarding long-term and large-scale changes of ecosystem and environment
• Facilitation of collaboration and coordination among scientists of long-term ecological researches.

JaLTER Secretariat (secretariat@jalter.org)