Reihoku Field


Education and Research Center for Subtropical Field Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Kochi University

Research Theme

  • Find problems about the agro-forestry and the environment in the local region and the tropic/subtropic countries, and conduct research projects to solve the problems.
  • Develop a sustainable system for agriculture
  • Studies for management of forest ecosystem on the technical side

Site Outline

Location: Iwamidaki and Akaare, Tosayamada, Kami, Kochi Prefecture (33o38′ N,133o36′ E)

Total area: 127ha, Altitude: 660-1045m, Annual mean air temperature: 12 oC, Annual precipitation: 2870mm

The Reihoku Field is located in the upper part of the warm-temperate zone, the climax vegetation in which is a mixed forest dominated by Abies firma and Tsuga sieboldi in the tree-layer and evergreen oaks in the subtree-layer. However, in most part of the site, vegetation was changed by human activities such as afforestation and charcoal production. The present vegetation consists mainly of Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress plantations (74.5ha) and various types of secondary broad-leaf forests (47.1ha), including evergreen-oak forest, deciduous forest of light demanding species and dwarf forest on windy sites. A small patch of climax forest of ca. 100 years of Abies firma is preserved (0.6ha).


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