Maizuru Fisheries Research Station


Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University

Research Theme

Theme: Long-term monitoring for young fishes in the Wakasa bay

Aim: Because the Sea of Japan is very closed to the Pacific Ocean, it seems that the sea is susceptible to various changes of the environment. Nevertheless, there is few studies to change the population of fishes in the sea by the changes of the environment. An aim of this study is to validate relationships between the environment (the water temperature, the soil density, etc.) and the population of the young fishes by the long-term monitoring.

Site Outline

Maizuru FRS is facing at western Wakasa Bay (35o29’N, 135o22’E) on the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, and has 2.0 ha of total area. The climate is characterized by cloudy and snowy weather in winter, and has an annual rainfall of 1,786mm.


  • Address : Maizuru Fisheries Research Station, Field Science Education and Research Center, Kyoto University, Nagahama, Maizuru-shi, Kyoto 625-0086, Japan
  • Name : Yoshiaki Kai
  • Phone : 0773-62-5512
  • Fax : 0773-62-5513
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