Kanumazawa Riparian Research Forest


Akita Prefectural University, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute

Research Theme

The forest dynamics and the mechanisms that sustain the forest in a riparian forest:

    • Evaluating a disturbance of the ground surface
    • Life cycle of species
    • Interaction among lives
    • Mechanism of coexistence of various species

Site Outline

Location:Ohsyu town, Iwate prefecture, Japan (39°06′ N, 140°52′ E, 400m-460m a.s.l.)

Area:4.71 ha

Vegetation type:cool-temperate riparian forest


      • Address : Department of Biological Environment, Faculty of Bioresource Sciences, Akita Prefectural University, Shimo-Shinjo-Nakano, Akita, Akita 010-0195 Japan
      • Name : Kazuhiko Hoshizaki
      • Phone : 018-872-1608
      • Fax : 018-872-1677
      • E-mail : khoshiz@akita-pu.ac.jp

WWW site URL

Japanese : http://fddb.ffpri-108.affrc.go.jp/03_kanuma/index.html

English : http://fddb.ffpri-108.affrc.go.jp/en/03_kanuma/index.html